opinions on this bag

  1. What do you think of this bag? Have anyone had a Barbara Bui handbag? How is its leather quality?

    I love its top handle, front leather pull tab and two coin pockets on the sides. But I am worried if it looks too small to be a everyday bag? How small is it? The instrustions say it has 13.75in wide, 9in height and 6.3 inch depth, which is very close to MBMJ DR. Q bag(10"H x 15"L x 6"D). But why does it look so much smaller than MBMJ?
    holmesbo_g.jpg marcj2029412867_prod_zoom_front.jpg
  2. I admire Barbara Bui bags but I had the idea that her previous collections were rather heavy, although I haven't seen many IRL. She is supposed to have a sort of "rock & roll" style, but this one is very conservative. Nice! I wish I knew where I could find more of them.
    The MBMJ seems to taper from bottom to top. That's where the extra room is
  3. i LOVE the black bag...i'm not feeling the brownish one too much...