opinions on this bag...?

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  1. so i just ordered a new bag from www.urbanoutfitters.com. i am a bit wary, the last time i ordered a bag from them it was half off (just like this one) and it came and broke almost after a week. The bag i just ordered is something i have been looking at for a while, and i have been wanting to get a grey handbag for a while. what do you guys thing of this bag...i think it's really cute, especially for only $30 dollars.
    13054036_04_b.jpg 13054036_04_d.jpg 13054036_04_e.jpg 13054036_04_f.jpg
  2. I think it's cute for 30 bucks but I'm weary of urban outfitters.
    A shirt I bought there was a complete mess - like buttons not lined up properly so the entire shirt was unbalanced. Totally turned me off to that store. It's hit & miss on quality.
  3. I think the bag is cute and im really digging the grey for this season. However, id have to agree that UO's quality is pretty bad, i was just there yesterday for the additional 50% sale and was disappointed by all of their apparel and accessories. None of it seemed like it would hold up for very long.
  4. I like it! I have a cynthia rowley bag that looks very similar...unfortunately my cat chewed on it so I can't use it anymore but I always got tons of compliments on it.
  5. I stray from urban bags too :{ I hope this one stays together!
    It's not bad for 30, but if you can, invest or save up for a different bag that won't just satiate you for now. :}
  6. i kinda like this more
  7. its super cute, love the color, shape and price.
  8. Very cute, and the color is perfect for fall. Congrats!
  9. I like the color a lot! Please post pics when you receive it!
  10. It's cute. Hopefully it will at least last you this fall season, so you can get your $30 worth.
  11. It is worth for its price. Anyway, not my style.
  12. It's cute, but in general I think Urban is very poor quality, even for the price.