Opinions on these stores please...

  1. Having a hard time finding clothes to fit my tall slim daughter. So I just bought her some tops from Acrombie girls, I love them. They fit good and the quality is great-has some lycra in the tops. So I am asking your opinions on the clothing from the following stores:
    Acrombie, Hollister and Aeropostale????
    I think in Hollister and Aeropostale she can do something like a XXS. I reallly need more length for her shirts so she can bend without them riding up.
  2. Aeropostale runs Big(thier shirts also are made of poor quality,after you wash them they shrink). I would stick to Hollister & Abercrombie. I have this same problem as your daughter, I just layer my shirts. I wear a tank top,and I wear a shirt over it. The tank tops in Abercrombie&Hollister are very long in length. Have you gone to American Eagle?,their quality isnt that bad,and the styles are very cute.
  3. yes abercrombie :love:

    i dont go into hollister because everyone wears it.....

    i cant be of any further help, because im short :biggrin: sorry!
  4. Thanks for the help. I have never been in any of the stores, just ordered online from Arecombie (last week-from the clearance) and ordered a few things this week on sale from Aeropostale (sale items). I didn't try American Eagle yet. I guess I am out of the loop on what is cool for kids. My son does well buying stuff at the Sports shop called Brave New World, we always hit the sales there and stock up--the skateboard brands seem to be well made and last. I guess as they get older the more input they will have on what they will or will not wear, I just did not think I would be dealing with this with my daughter in grade school, but it seems like I am not alone.
  5. i would give you my other brands but i think its short for your daughter, and it costs $$$
  6. I am tall (5'10") and have the same problem. I would try GAP for the basic tees and v-neck sweaters as they just extended their tall sizes. I am in my late 20's now but still pick up a few casual pants/khaki's, and tees there. I love that their tall shirts reach my wrists and are long enough to not to ride up in the back :smile:
    My neice who is 15 gets a catalog from Alloy which also carries tall sizes. they are on the cheaper side but very trendy for teens. They are also online.

    Banana republic might be a little old for her style-wise, but they do carry tall sizes in pants.

    Good luck!!:yes: