Opinions on the gold Venetia??

  1. I have never seen the gold Venetia in real life, only in pictures. I am considering purchasing one on eBay right now, but I'm a wee bit leary of the color...I'm just not sure how it will look in person. I LOVE the venetia style - I have it in Cherry Blossom and it's just great. I think I am afraid the gold might be a little too gawdy?? Can anyone who's seen it in person (or who owns one) weigh in on this for me??

  2. I see the ventia as an everday bag and I don't think gold is really an everday color. I haven't seen a gold venetia irl but I've seen it in a MP and I thought it was adorable on a smaller bag. Great for a night out. The girl wearing it was dressed very simply and it looked amazing on her.
  3. frances bean has a point. metallic bags aren't the most utilitarian purchase, but that doesn't change the fact that they're stunning, does it? i see a few listings on eBay for gold and silver venetias every once in awhile, and i always consider bidding. they're just so pretty! i think you can make it work (i sound like tim gunn!) as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple. that way it will never look too gaudy.
  4. ^^She is right!!:tender:
  5. Good point! Thanks for the input ladies! I don't know...I'm also watching a green one...I am such a sucker for the vibrant colors. I think I'm probably gonna pass on the gold one.

    Thanks again!!
  6. [​IMG]

    This is from the celebs thread. I know its silver and not gold but sometimes it helps to see it "on". I like it but also think greens in venentia are TDF.
  7. Thanks alioops! I really adore the venetia...I think it's my most favorite MJ bag...but I have to say after seeing it on someone...I think I like the regular colors better!

    Thanks again ladies!!
  8. I have the small gold MP and I work it like a neutral piece. I dont dress in patters when I use that purse (I dress pretty low key- ie denium slacks and tee shirts or jersey fabric dresses). I like it because it goes from day to night easily and I dont like to switch bags that often (i'm lazy).

    It just depends on how you feel about the color. Its unlike any other gold color bag out there and trust me, I have looked all over for YEARS for a decent gold bag that wasnt "trashy". Its a lighter "patina" type gold so its not bright and overwhelming.
  9. i have a gold venetia and i love it!!!! i think it brightens up ur outfit.
  10. Would you post a pic??
  11. it's always nice to have a gold bag as a "pop" color to a simple, classically tailored outfit. i have a bright green venetia and its always a cheerful addition to any outfit. it's beautiful but i rarely carry it. i use my more neutral colored bags more often. i guess this decision hinges upon your current purse collection. do you want a pop color or something you can use more often?
  12. Definitely something I can use more often.
  13. here you go...


  14. It's a little too "flashy" for me, but it is quite lovely.
  15. Yes, it is verrrrry pretty! :love: Thank you for posting the picture! It looks great on you and with what you're wearing!