Opinions on the cuoio color?

  1. I was wondering what you all think of the cuoio color on some of the newer bags? (I think Harper, Dylan, Katie, and Jackie come in this color). Does anyone have any pictures of it? From what I've seen it looks like kind of a light brown, but I was wondering how dark it really is.
  2. I just brought a bag in this color...it's like English Leather Brown. Really cute...classic
  3. I just bought this bag today in the Katy and Linda (my favorites in this style). The Cuoio color is BEAAAAUTIFUL!! As is the eggplant and lava - but i'm partial to the cuoio!
  4. Here's the Katy in Cuoio I just purchased from the Kooba Sample Sale in L.A. She's up on eBay right now!

  5. Hi -

    How was the sale last Friday? Any better than last time or were the prices 1/2 of retail, which they were at the one I attended a few months back? How was the selection? Don't tell me they had the Dylan style as well - I'd almost break my 'ban' for one of those (I had borrowed one and really liked the bag's functionality).
  6. I really like the cuoio color. It's definitely a lighter brown then Kooba's other bags. The picture above as well as those I've seen on eBay seem to be accurately representative of the color. :yes:
  7. The L.A. sales are much smaller than the N.Y. ones. There were Arams in Olive Patent leather, Katys, Jennifers, Sofias, Laylas & some others along those style lines. The showroom is having another sample sale this coming Friday and they will be getting new styles, including Olivia & I think Dylan. The colors will be black, brown, cuoio, eggplant, taupe & brown. Oh yeah, they will be getting some black patent Arams too.

    I just came back from the showroom because the ladies let me make private appointments to buy and I purchased a Carrie in Disco Brown....GORGEOUS!
  8. how much are the dylan & katy going for? any elishas? hudson?
  9. Hi there, no Elishas or Hudsons at the L.A. Sale. You may want to check the Clothingline Sample Sale in N.Y. I have Kooba's rate sheet and according to that, the Katy wholesale price is $282. The showroom sold the Katys last week for $262, I think. Sorry, but I don't have any info for a Dylan.