Opinions on the Coach market tote

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  1. Hi I was just wondering what your opinions are on the coach market tote?
    market tote.jpg
  2. I love it :biggrin: Its cute and its a great size.
  3. my mom has the smaller one and she loves it! the smaller one looks strange under the arm because it's so wide but this one looks fine
  4. I'm not sure if if I have the smaller one or larger one. That isn't the picture of the real bag, it's from ebay. it was about 249 with 20% off.
  5. It's a nice tote. Good size for school or work.
  6. I've always been a fan!
  7. Oh! They have several of these at my outlet and every single time I'm so tempted to get one because theyre so darn cute!
  8. Very nice!!
  9. very functional and spiffy! :smile:
  10. I like it, it's practical and classic.:yes:
  11. That is such a great bag! I wish my outlets carried it. It would be perfect for work. :yes:
  12. Loves it:love: Looks like a great bag for carrying things around!