Opinions on the CHYC mini shoulder bag with gold chain

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  1. Hi everyone, I am a newbie to YSL and found myself initially drawn to the CHYC clutches. The only drawback is that it does not have a chain strap and if I need my hands free, I will need to put down the clutch somewhere. Next, I saw these CHYC shoulder bags on REEBONZ but found no threads on these here. For me personally, I find that they look elegant enough to be taken to a formal function and yet I can also imagine them with jeans for a girl's night out. I like the chain option as I feel I can tuck it in for a clutch look and yet wear it on my shoulder or cross bodyb if I need my hands to be free.

    What are your opinions on the shoulder bag? Will be happy to hear how much it can fit? Do you take special maintenance care with the Y logo to ensure non-tarnishing?


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  2. I own this exact bag. It is gorgeous in real life. The strap is long enough for me to wear crossbody, I'm 5' 4". It can fit your essential but not much else. I have had a larger chyc bag a while back with the same Y and had no issue with tarnishing.
  3. Hi Loraine! It's great to know that you did not experience any tarnishing. That surely put me to ease. : ) I'm not sure whether my essentials equate to yours but... if mine are a small wallet, keys, phone (Samsung note 2), tissues and lipgloss... can I fit all these in?

    Will it be possible to share which color you bought it in? I'm torn between the black, blush, red and blue! All gorgeous colors!
  4. Hi! I'm a newbie to this forum (and YSL) and I just bought this bag yesterday in black. The chain is really stunning and it does detach from the bag. The logo on the front is made of an antique brass (according to my SA) and is not supposed to be very shiny. She told me that YSL made it this way so that dulling wasn't an issue.

    I plan on using this bag mainly for nights out, but the reason I chose it instead of a clutch is that I wanted something that I could also crossbody during the day if I want something small. I'm an LV girl but none of their little evening bags were calling my name! This bag is just understated enough for casual daytime use.

    I love this bag, and can't wait to use it for the first time tomorrow night!:smile:
  5. I also wanted to add that my SA recommended a YSL card holder to use inside of this bag. It can hold cash, credit card, ID. It has a little gold Y on the front and is really cute. That way, unless you plan to carry a lot of cards or cash, you can use this in lieu of a wallet. It is a tiny bag, as mentioned, and would not accomodate a full-size wallet -- though a compact wallet might fit. I would take any wallet you would like to use into the store if possible.:smile:

    Hope that helps!
  6. I just wanted to update you. I ended up returning my copy of this bag. I got a "new" betty with the chain severely tarnished from MyHabit and I fear it may be something to do with the chain type (this is a thinner, flat chain). Just a heads up.
  7. Oh dear, sorry that you had to return your. Its something for me to consider as I'm living in a place that is very humid, with a lot of rain, which explains why I'm so concerned about tarnishing. This is seriously something that I need to consider before committing to the purchase. Thank you for letting me know!
  8. Definitely helpful! Thank you. I share the exact same thoughts as you! I favour this to the clutch as I felt the latter was more formal (it is gorgeous too, no doubt!). This, however, I can imagine it to go with jeans and heels (still dressy) and if I really need it for a wedding, I'll perhaps just remove the chain.

    I can imagine the black to be really gorgeous irl and I believe it'll go with anything. I do have a compact wallet that might just fit within but you're tempting me with the YSL card holder. I'll need to go take a look at it. Enjoy your new bag and I'm surely looking forward to seeing some mod shots of you!

  9. Glad it was helpful! I will post pics soon of both the bag and the card holder. I'm not at home right now!
  10. Oooohhh.... I know I'll be drooling over the pics! Looking forward!