Opinions on the Billfold Wallet with Coin Pockets?

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  1. (Sorry for so many posts regarding opinions on wallets..)

    What are your opinions on the Billfold Wallet with Coin Pockets?


    I haven't brought a wallet in such a long time and it seems that overnight, all the wallets in this style have turned into square shape instead of rectangular shap. Do you feel this size is a bit funny to hold? Or is it very convienent to use? Thanks!
  2. A little bump? I'm having the hardest time deciding on whether a french wallet or a billfold.
  3. Hmm... with the Billfold Wallet with Coin Pocket you have the advantage of the lower price and the two extra credit card compartments. I tried this wallet out at the boutique last week and was impressed. The wallet seems like it could hold a lot. On the other side of the wallet is a zipped pouch where one could hold change.

    With the French Purse, it seems like the zippered coin pouch is bigger. It also seems like it'd be easier to carry since it's wide.

    Now... if I was a woman and I had to choose, I would pick... the Billfold with Coin Pocket. The easier access to bills and a bit more space for bills would persuade me.
  4. i used to have one and i think it's great!!

    and the size is just perfect for some of my smaller bags :smile:
  5. Awesome! May I ask what was your reason for deciding to get rid of it?