Opinions on the barnaby?

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  1. Good size? Heavy? Modelling pics if anyone has any would be great! Thinking of something bigger than my small Antony's but want something wider rather than deeper so have ruled out seth and large Ant!
  2. Sorry I cant help, not seen them irl, so hope somebody will come along with good advice soon :smile:
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    I had a Barnaby (rehomed last august). Very good size. Contains a lot without beeing too big. Can't remember that it was particularly heavy, but it is certainly bigger than Ant. Things I did not really like, I never bothered to close the clasps as I did not fill the bag up enough that they would fit. They were i a bit heavy and hit into the floor and other when putting it down. The strap was really long, I had it almost on the smallest as a shoulder bag, then it was doubled all the way and I put a rubber band so that it would keep together, a lot of strap so to speak, strap is quite wide. These things made it feel a bit clumsy. I recommend that you look and try one IRL if possible. Apart from that it's a smart looking messenger that has room for a lot. Good luck on your choice !
  4. I also used to have this bag but rehomed (read stolen) by my DH. I really liked the style on other ladies that I had seen but t just seemed to swamp me. I think the fact that it is reasonably plain made it seem bigger. It's a great size to carry a full size laptop round though.
  5. My DH has one which he uses as a work bag. I've just asked him for an opinion. Mr enthusiastic has said and I quote "it's really good - better than a tesco carrier bag". Seriously though Ive just tried it on with his laptop inside and it was great. It is a nice size and I found the strap a nice length cross body and on the shoulder. I think it needs the wide strap otherwise it would cut in with much inside. DH got his from Bicester for a really good price. Agree you probably need to try one first (or risk a return cost).
  6. I have one of those! I found it swamped me too (I am 5'4) - and maybe because it is black and non-slouchy, it didn't look all that nice - a big block of black.

    It was really lovely leather, not all that heavy, and you could get the kitchen sink in it if you tried.

    Also incredibly well made and robust. My 17yr old son has been "borrowing" it for school for a year now and it still looks lovely - how amazing is that? :biggrin:

    It also looks good on him, so maybe it's better for a taller person. I agree thatthe strap is very long
  7. What about Martha or Jacob if not Barnaby? I like the Barnaby a lot but if I remember correctly, it was quite big.
  8. Ellison and Brinkley seems to be same model, however a really nice messenger in size somewhat between Ant and Barnaby. Same size as Martha but a little different in style. See attachment of my choc Ellison.

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  9. Lakrits- i've been eyeing up that v bag as Mulberrymad has one at the moment. Any chance of a modelling pic? Is it heavy, how much can you fit in it?!!!
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    I have a grey leather jacob and hes a doll i bought him at the SM meet last year hes a great sized bag. and it says on the care card you dont have to spray him either also he has a extra wide strap. remeber i tried a woody on as well and thats rather big bag like a brymore.

    The Seth is wider than Antony but not as deep also if you can get hold of one a Dillion is a great size.
  11. Now I have some pics. I don't find it heavy, weight of bag is 880 g. As shown on pic I have some a4 papers folded, a zipped pouch, a pocket book, medium size wallet, small purse, keys and mobile in it, and it is not packed full. There would still be room for more. The measurements are 30*24*9 cm. Just let me know if you have more questions, happy to help.

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  12. ^^^That looks ideal for what i'm looking for. Thanks for the pics !!!!! Am sticking to my new Years resolution to only buy bags I'm going to use and a sl larger messenger is what i need!
  13. The Barnaby was one I was looking at last year, do you remember I tried one and I liked it, but it was quite wide. What about the Woody or something?
  14. Have gone and bought the Ellison one off MM !!!!!
  15. Congrats, look forward to see the pics Jo!

    I was just going to say they had a very nice woody in choc nvt at Bicester yesterday £245. I thought of you!