Opinions on Proove Authenticity Question from Buyers

  1. I was wondering if you as a buyer would think the following answer to an authenticity question would be insulting. If so, what could I do to modify it without being so?

    I often get questions asking for proof, original receipts, or damanding authenticity proof. or just plain, "This bag is fake!" statements. It's hard to stay professional when you're in the "moment" of a blatent unfounded accusaction, so I want to come up with one response that covers it all. Thus...

    Hello, We do not provide original receipts as our products are not new. However, you may feel free to post your authenticity question on the eBay Community Board, Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories and you have our permission to use the auction item number when doing so.

    Or feel free to join The Purse Forum, http://forum.purseblog.com/ and post your authenticity and other brand question there in the appropriate sub-forum. We ask that our bidders, who question authenticity, or those who ask for proof, reseach the item, the auction, our reputation, the brand, and how to buy safely on eBay before bidding on our items. It benefits both of us for you to do so and ensures that you will have a good eBay experience with handbags in general.

    Let us know if there is something else we can answer regarding the actual item or provide to you regarding the actual item. Thank you for your interest. Regards,
  2. I don't think your response is insulting at all, it just asks the eBayer to do a little research before making accusations. It's much the same response I give when I get similar statements.
  3. No it's not insulting. It's helpful. It's insulting when someone tells you your bag is fake and they file a claim with paypal etc etc. and the whole time your bag is REAL.
  4. I think that's a good reply. It is professional but not accusatory. It also gives the buyer a chance to learn more about authenticity from outside sources.
  5. You could also add to contact caroldiva.com or mypoupette.com for their opinion also.
  6. Not rude at all. If people are offended by that then I think they are the one that has an issue. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, people choose to be belligerent. I'm sorry you've had such a run of flakes bidding on your items.
  7. I think that sounds great. You should also put in your listing something like " all items are guaranteed authentic, if you have any concerns about authenticity please do not bid". I always say how I got the bag. "I personally purchased this bag from XXXX store so I am 100% sure it is authentic". You can't be too careful on eBay these days. It's sad there are so many liars selling there.
  8. its not insulting. not at all.
    it does show that you are willing to present the bag for authentication via internet adn that you have nothign to hide. i like it.
  9. It is not insulting at all i think it is very informative and straight to the point, if i received that response i would be more than happy as you have offered several other avenues for buyers to verify authenticity which is always an excellent way to build confidence as a buyer :yes:
  10. It's far better than telling buyers to go to Chanel, LV, BV, whoever to have the bag authenticated when we all know they are not allowed to offer opinions on bags. I called BV once with a question about a bag detail and she thought I was trying to authenticate and immediately clammed up!
  11. That is a great idea and sounds really good.
  12. Not rude at all! I think it sounds great!
  13. I've got an idea....tell them all that if they have any doubt about authenticity, then just don't bid on your items...see, that way,you can run them off and then it leaves more of your stuff for ME!:yahoo:
  14. I think that is a really professional, informative and undefensive statement with great guidance. Not the least bit rude and very impressive!
  15. Thank you everyone. I'm sending it out today to five bidders who questioned authenticity of a spy bag. My first test.

    I've always wondered why anyone would take a seller's word for it anyway when they ask a question like, "Is this really authentic?" I would think most sellers who sell fake items aren't going to step up to the plate and say, "No, we just want your money."

    Again, thanks for your input.