Opinions on my next (and last for a while) Chanel purchase--please!

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  1. I would like to add one more bag to my small collection. I have a
    navy jumbo classic flap in patent
    red diamond shine (also patent) small classic flap
    black coco cabas

    So, what would be better? I want to stick with the classics--
    black flap
    brown flap
    bordeaux GST with silver h/w (I have heard is coming in fall)

    The bordeaux gst sounds really intriuguing, but will it be the most versatile and "practical" (oxymoron--practical Chanel) since I won't be adding any more for a while.

    Thanks girls!!!
  2. The bordeaux sounds so yummy with the s/h but I'd say if you want to stick w/ the classics, and since you won't be buying another Chanel for awhile, stick with a black flap. You can't go wrong. Keep us posted on what you get!
  3. if you're after something practical and versatile, then it must be a black or a brown classic flap... maybe a medium, since you have a small and a jumbo already? You can't go wrong with a black classic flap, but i suppose if you want a new colour to add to your collection, then perhaps a rich dark chocolate brown would be nice! :smile:
  4. I second this :smile:.
  5. Brown would be gorgeous, as well as the black.
  6. I think you should get a black classic flap, too.
  7. i think black or brown classic flap. since you have the red diamond shine i don't think you need the bordeaux. (i just got that bag too and love it! love it so much i have the black diamond shine coming now too! lol)
  8. My vote goes to the black flap.
    You can never go wrong with such an ultimate classic.
  9. bordeaux GST with silver h/w
    I bet it will be gorgeous and it can help to spice up any collection.
    Plus I think the red gets more attention.