Opinions on keyfobs?

  1. hello I just bought the new monogram swing pack in mohogany and the SA talked me into getting the monkey key fob. I've never bought one before, are they useful or did I just waste my money?
    coachpic.jpg monkey.jpg
  2. I love their key fobs - I especially love that freaking bumble bee! :P

    I have this one on my large black hobo:

    And this one on my keys and sometimes on my large brown hobo:

    I think overall their adorable, decorative, and affordable.
  3. The monkey is sooo cute! I think that is the one thing I will be buying from the fall line. I use mine all the time.
  4. I :heart: Coach's Keyfobs...and the Monkey is adorable.
  5. the monkey is so cute! ofcourse it is useful for keys but if you like, you can clip it on to the bag--it will look like the monkey is climbing your bag like a tree! if you don't like charms or don't need a keyfob, go ahead and return it
  6. I think its adorable and like uhkiwi said, its "use" is to hold your keys or just as decoration. If you dont really want it, return it.
  7. if you don't want or are second-guessing yourself, return it...it's no point keeping it if you don't think it's worth the money. hopefully you like monkeys...

    keyfobs don't have to just be used on keys. i've used them on bags as decorations before they came out with the letter fobs.
  8. hi.. i have this one..

    and i attached it to my gallery tote..

    i cant say how much i love this key fob.. :love: coach keyfobs in general make such great accessories for bags.. if you really really like the monkey one... then keep it or i might suggest that you choose another one you really love :flowers:
  9. I have the same flower keyfob as livin..It's attached to my spring patchwork hobo. I love them! I don't use them for my keys b/c I'm afraid they will scratch them. so, I only use them for decoration. I have the snowflake keyfob on my white fur hobo & the breast cancer one on my signature tote. If you don't think its worth the $ they always have them cheap at the outlets.
  10. awwww Pursefanatic85 you have the snow fob??:love:
    i wanted that so badly but it was sold out back then and went for the butterfly!! u said on your fur hobo!!? it must be gorgeos!! :shame:
    enjoy :flowers:
  11. Every bag I have has its own fob or charm. I love and and its a noce way to personalize your bag!
  12. I love the key fobs! I just got 2 of them-a pink flower and a penguin-very nice! I really like the monkey. I am actually not going to use the ones I bought as key chains-I am going to use them for decoration on my bags. I like dark colored bags-so, I thought the key chains would spice them up a bit
  13. Vanilla I got the snowflake keyfob at the outlet last March for $10.00!
  14. I have the keyring that has the watermelon, bumble bee and a couple of flowers on it. It's so cute! :heart:

    I really like that monkey keyfob, very cute :smile: It would look great hanging on the swing pack.
  15. They are adorable! Look at the owl too, I saw it yesterday.