Opinions on D&G Allyson Hobo?

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  1. I recently bought a teal patent leather Allyson hobo at Nordstrom. It's a great bag, but the color seems difficult to pair with my wardrobe. Should I try to swap it for the black patent leather version? Return it entirely? Keep it? How do D&G bags hold up?

  2. I'd swap it for the black.
  3. I actually love this color! I think it would look great with blacks and browns. If you aren't in love with it though, you should exchange it for one you do love.
  4. I think the color is beautiful and may go with more than you think. A colorful bag is great to "pop" against an outfit that is otherwise neutral (blacks, browns, grays, olive greens). Remember, it doesn't need to match - It just needs to "go" with the outfit (i.e., be a complimentary color and style). Before you send it back, try laying out some lowkey outfits and putting the bag with them. Grays are especially good with teal. :tup:

  5. I ditto this sentiment......a colored bag really goes a long way in making an outfit! I know from previous threads that many tpfers mentioned that their colorful bags get the most compliments. If you luv the bag - than keep it!
  6. That's a beautiful colour; I say keep it. Like other posters have said, it will go with a lot.
  7. I third it. It's a gorgeous bag :tup:
  8. I think you should keep it. IMO, the bag is the best part of your entire ensemble. So why not let the bag "pop" against neutral colored outfits? I think it'd look really nice and actually make the bag more noticeable that way. But in the end you're the one that has to keep it, so if you think the black would be better for you then go ahead and exchange. Either color though, the bag is beautiful!
  9. Keep it :yes: The color is gorgeous and can make an outfit stand out. Be bold and sexy :tup: It's Dolce
  10. keep it...a black bag is just another black bag, be it in patent or any other leather. This is like carrying your own "signature". It's great to spend money on something that stands out a little bit from the crowd. Not over the top, just to the edge.
  11. i think the colour is ok! but i'm not into patent personally :P
    don't listen to me LOL
  12. That is a beautiful bag - I really like it. I think you may find the blue to be more versatile than you think - the blue Gryson bag in my avatar I wear with almost everything. (I am big on jeans though.)
    However, if you find you are having a hard time finding anything to wear it with, swap it for the black. :yes: