opinions on coach starla shoes

  1. soooo cute?? or not lol I need summer shoes and was torn between these and coach Debbie here is a pic of starla[​IMG]
  2. I love them!! Its a great summer shoe:yahoo:
  3. They will get too dirty. Go with the debbies. I have a pair in gold and they are so comfy.
  4. Those are adorable & I have the matching scribble bag!
  5. Love the look of these sandals, but I think they will get very dirty very quickly! Maybe you could Scotchguard them or something before you wear them? Don't know if it will work or if it's safe to use on them. Good luck!
  6. I'm not a fan of sandals, but those are cute. :smile:
  7. I think they're very cute. I like them a lot!
  8. These are really cute! I looked up the Debbie's on eBay and I like the Starla's much better!!!
  9. I have those and love them! Mine were buy one get one free on clearance at Macy's so check your Macy's out if you get a chance :smile: