opinions needed please

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  1. So, I am really wanting a balenciaga bag. I have a blue twiggy from several years ago. I wanted the dark purple, but, really can't find much to choose from..too late. So, then I thought well, amytheist. Can find a couple of styles there. So, he's my question. The bags that I can find in that color are the pom pon (?) bag, the day hobo, a city and a brief. What would you choose? I am a casual dresser, and about 5'8". Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I think the pom pom is quite nice. Don't own any yet... And you are tall enough to carry the brief as well. But if you want an all around bag, the city is the one.
  3. I would pick the day hobo...or maybe the city, good luck,

  4. I think you might like the Day! I wouldn't say that it's any more casual than the other styles... but it is very effortless and easy to wear. You can just swing it on your shoulder and you're set, you don't have to worry. It stays in place very comfortably!
  5. definitely the Day - it's so roomy yet chic!
  6. The Day!
  7. The City or the Day.
  8. The Day!
  9. the day would be my first choice, then the city. The day is just so comfy and easy to use, light as a feather!
  10. Thank you to everyone. I appreciate your help. I got a call, a couple of hours ago. A SA that I had spoken to earlier, was able to locate a giant brief in the dark purple from this fall. And, so I think I'll go ahead with the dark pink day.

    Oops! Should have said work, not brief. (That's the big one without the shoulder strap, isn't it?)
  11. Congrats, all the amethyste day's i've seen are gorgeous!
  12. I'd go for brief or Work
  13. pom pom or work
  14. this is making me want a DAY.....will have to look at pix .....has anyone seen a day avail anywhere in amethys

    meantime your choices of the purple and pink are great ! enjoy you will love them
  15. City RH! Perfect size & style.

    Or Pom Pom!!! :drool: