opinions needed...please!!!

  1. Which one do you like better.... the large mono Musette or the large(regular) mono Noe???
  2. mono noe!
  3. mono noe!
  4. Mono Noe! I think it would be easier to get into it.

    My hair stylist just sold her large Musette because she didn't like having to pull up the flap and said it was awkward to get things in and out of it.
  5. mono noe
  6. Mono noe. I agree with Peace43 it looks a lot easier to get into and its very chic.
  7. Mono Noe. I don't own one but would like one in the future.
  8. Hmmm...that's kinda hard because I like both, and I think they're both completely different. Noe would be a good carryon bag but Musette would be a good bag for sightseeing...

    Even though the Musette is more streamlined, I think both can hold plenty, but the Noe would give you more leeway...and may be easier to get in and out of since it's not a flap bag.
  9. noe
  10. Love the mono Noe - it is on my list of "wants"!
  11. Definately Mono Noe- I love it!
  12. mussete for me...
  13. i prefer the musette.