Opinions needed please see below

  1. Received both bags today not sure about either although I do have a fav of the two in mind. I value your opinions thanks

    image-3297291496.jpg image-3626655457.jpg image-1160273563.jpg image-3052449517.jpg
  2. I love the black one! Goes with more outfits too. :smile: You can never go wrong with a nice black bag!
  3. Ooooh....the Dooney python...But I want a Dooney satchel very badly so maybe I'm not one to ask....
  4. I think the Dooney has a lot going on. I like the Florentine style and python, but together, it's a lot. The black is a big simpler and of the two, I'd choose that. Granted, simple is more my style so you should take that into account.
  5. I really like the black bag
  6. Same response as on the other thread------- that red zipper and those green backed tassels just ruin the look of that Dooney. While they may be ok for a solid colored leather bag IMO they clash horribly with the snakeskin print.
  7. I like the way the Dooney falls from your shoulder. Looks nice! It's does have a lot going on...I kinda like it.
  8. I much prefer the black bag!
  9. Black gets my vote.
  10. Black bag!
  11. Black bag as well!
    I am scared of snakes....
  12. I like the black one.
  13. I like the black bag...
  14. Be nice lol
  15. The black one is 1000x better.