Opinions needed for diaper bag

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  1. I'm looking to possibly get the regular classic Gucci diaper bag but would have to sell my Lv speedy 30b in de. I have a 13 month old but haven't been able to bring myself to use my regular bags. Is this a good idea?
  2. If I were you, I will keep the Speedy and buy a non-branded diaper bag. I mean you only use diaper bag for a couple of years ....
    Just my 2 cents :smile:
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  3. I agree. Do not sell your speedy. And if you still want a diaper bag and are into designers, I would go for more of a contemporary designer since you'll only be using it for a couple of years.

    On another thread a member recommended a backpack which is an awesome idea because when your child goes to school he/she can use it. :smile:
  4. I'm going through the same issue. I was going to get the Gucci diaper bag but decided not to. I'm just getting a Gucci tote and putting he insert in there. This way I can use it later after baby is out of it. If you buy the diaper bag after you're done using it than there's no use because it totally looks like a diaper bag.
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