Opinions needed! Are these to similar??

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  1. What do you guys think? My hubby says they are way to similar in color & style and said I should return the pink patent Prada's. I don't know, I go back and forth. I really love the patent since it's so different from suede. It's the color that is throwing me for a loop!

    To much alike??


    Patent Prada

    Suede VP
  2. In my opinion.... I kinda think they are. I know they are different materials, but the color looks almost identical in your photos. Even the heel heights are similar. They are both gorgeous shoes and the color is beautiful but I don't know that you would have an occasion to wear one that you wouldn't be able to wear the other to, you know?
  3. ITA - too similar for me ;)
  4. I think they look the same as well. I would go for something diff
  5. I'm in agreement with hubby too similar in colours..but if i had to choose which go and which stay i would say cls go and prada stay!
  6. I think they look the same too...I'd go with the patent prada's as well..
  7. Ooooh I disagree, I like the CLs more :smile: But, I do think they both look good on you.
  8. Another vote for being too similar!
  9. They're similar, and the CLs look better on you IMO. Are the Pradas too big? It seems like there's still space in the toe, no?
  10. I personally prefer patent to suede, but I can see how this is a big decision. I personally love dark grey wedges, and I have 2 pairs- one all suede, one patent with a rubber heel. Same goes for my dark purple heels- one patent, one suede with ruffles on the heel. I think you should keep them both :smile: as long as you are totally sure that you have different uses for each one and that you love this color enough to merit two pairs.
  11. I agree with everyone else in that they are similar. My vote for keeping the the CL's as the Prada's appear a bit too big.
  12. yeah, the are somewhat similar - I'd keep the CLs. For some reason, the peeptoe with the platform jutting out on the Prada looks odd to me.
  13. I think they are REALLY similar also.....and while I love the CLs, patent is much more practical! But the Pradas do look a 1/2 size too large from the photos, IMHO.
  14. I agree with everyone -they are too similar, the CL is gorgeous and the Prada looks too long in front. What do you know! A man was right about shoes :biggrin::biggrin:
  15. I agree with the previous posters who prefer the CLs; the Pradas look slightly too big to me. And they are very similar, although I have never let that stop me when it comes to buying shoes!