Opinions and Information Please

  1. I was thinking of bringing a "new" chanel purse home to meet my collection. The write up is located here:


    Does anyone know how old this bag is or what it retailed for? Also, what do you think of it? I want the good, bad and the ugly, so tell me the truth. Thanks!
    chanel burgundy 1.jpg chanel burgundy 2.jpg chanel burgundy 3.jpg
  2. From the pictures, I don't love it, but it could turn out to be tdf irl. Personally, I've never been a fan of pony hair, and don't really like the combination of it with the leather accents. All that, plus the color (which, in and of itself is lovely) and the chain handles = meh.
  3. I just spotted this bag in the Saks lookbook, but it was all leather. It was fabulous, but the price was a little steep for me ($4995), and it was lambskin. I'm 99% sure it was called "Chelsea".
  4. For this amount of money I would invest in a more classic Chanel bag like the Grand Shopping tote (there is a lovely bordeaux version this season which looks very burgandy) or a nice classic flap or wait till next season for the dark red reissue. Good luck on your decision.
  5. I don't care for pony hair either. I like this color bag, but the style I don't really care for. I would opt for something more classic, JMO.
  6. i am not very much familair with Chanel merchandise but i have sa wany girls around town with a black quilted tote that i have heard them call the chanel bucket tote but i am unsure is this actually a bag chanel made .....
  7. i have a bag from this collection in a different style and color (black) and it is one of my favorite bags. it is an older collection (maybe 2 years old?). i happen to love the combination of the pony hair with the quilting, but it requires care to maintain it...there's nothing uglier than when the pony goes bald. the leather part is somewhat distressed (for a vintage effect) so it's like mixing luxe (ponyhair) with distress...VERY cool in my book. But i never saw this color IRL so i am not sure about it.
  8. if you ask the seller for pic of the chanel tag you might be able to tell how old this collection is.
  9. How do you take care of "pony" fur?
  10. there's no spray or anything that I use. I just try not to touch the fur part on my purse too much (i know, it's insanely hard to do that when you are wearing it) and also rotate the sides. for certain styles you can't do this if it has a "front flap" so that back side usually takes a beating from rubbing against your side/coat/jeans. When i'm ready to put the bag away after each use, i gently smooth down the hair with a very soft cloth (or brush) to make sure they're all laying in the same direction, and then i put it away in my storage case. It sounds OCD but it's just a few minutes to take care of the bag. I have no idea if this is the proper way to care for it, but I brush horses after I ride them so I figured the same can be applied to "pony" bags LOL! And the truth is, I try not to overwear this bag. If i know i'm going to be running around a lot that day i bring a sturdier bag.
  11. I love this bag and the combo of the leather on it :nuts::heart::drool:.Unfortunately I found out about it when it was sold out and as my local Chanel b/manager told me she couldn't locate it anywhere in continental Europe.I love this colour and I also liked it on black.
    here are some links-courtesy of fellow Fers which I think depict the same bag-I hope they will be of some help to you :smile:!BTW one of the pics has the serial numbers :the last # 94305 is for the black colour!
  12. Here's another pic from the celebrity thread;BTW I've seen this bag only in black colour so far !
  13. Thank you for your help. I appreciate everyone's input!
  14. Yes...I think the black pony bag is soooo cool....