opinions about frederick fekkai's glossing hair products

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  1. anyone used the shampoo/ conditioner? or any other products in this line? what are your thoughts? do you really see a difference? worth the money? thanks.
  2. i use the glossing cream all the time. i have a travel sized in my handbag and use it whenever my hair starts to get frizzy or feel crispy during the day. i also use it when i change hairstyles (down to up for example) to smooth it out. it smells really neutral, doesn't get greasy, and since you only need a little bit, it lasts a looooong time. (i've had my tiny travel tube for about six months). i'm a big fan.
  3. I also use the glossing cream & think it is great. Definetely tames freezy hair & a little goes a long way. Definetely worth the money.
  4. The glossing line is the best!!!
  5. The glossing line IS the best. I love this stuff and the smell is nice too. I think it works better than others that claim they defrizz.

    I have tried Jonathan and it doesn't work well and I don't like that almond smell.

    I have tried Ojon and it works okay but I hate the smell.

    I tried Phyto and my hair started failing out - alot. I gave it away.
  6. I use the conditioner shampoo rx spray and hair mask. IMO they are very oily..so usually i shampoo and dont condition until my hair until i take my 2nd shower ( i shower every day, just dont wash my hair.i do it every other day)...there glossing cream goes along ways..u just need a tiny tiny bit, otherwise you will look like a greese monkey LOL
  7. I'm loving the glossing cream, my hair is quite dry so a little amount makes it feel and look so much better, I love it! I just tried the protein rx mask and it was great aswell! :rolleyes:
  8. I like the technician shampoo. It smells like berries and apricots.
    I haven't used any of the other stuff, yet.
  9. thanks for all the input so far!:love: :flowers: looks like i will give the glossing cream a try.
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