1. What do you think of coach charms on louis vuitton mono handbags??
  2. Dont get me wrong I love Coach Charms and LV but just dont care for them together.
  3. Who would know it was a Coach charm (unless it was one of those that spelled out Coach). If you like it, do it.
  4. Depends on the bag and the charm...
  5. yeah my mom saw me put it on my lv and she seemed appaled! But she doesn't know purses as well as us!
  6. I have my Coach skull charm on my LV Mono speedy 30 and I think it looks cute!:tup:
  7. well i used to like them, but now, i prefer the scarf as a bow on my speedy. a charm on my pochette as a zipper pull is still fine with me
  8. thanks batgirl i like the idea of the charm on the pochette how do you think the s would look on there
  9. I think it's cute!
  10. the S is fine because its small
  11. ok thanks cindy
  12. 99 more posts until you treat yourself to something! Lol. PCE here you come! lol.
  13. I see nothing wrong with mixing and matching. Not sure about the mono and a charm. A solid and a charm would be cute but with the mono, you kind of have enough going on.
  14. :yes: