Opinion plsss...Nude Pink or Smoke Grey???

  1. Hi ladies...

    I'm thinking abt adding bow satchel to my collection. Still, i really can't make decision b/t these two colors - Nude Pink and Smoke Grey. :confused1:

    These two colors are gorgeous IMO. Unfortunately, there is no MiuMiu shop in Thailand. So, i need to make up my mind based on the picssss. :p

    I'm not worried whether it will match with my wardrobe as both colors are neutral. I just want to know which one is more beautiful/unique IRL. Which one does catch ur eyes?

    How much is the retail price? I browsed to Styledrops and Barneys. Both have different prices.

    Opinion pls pls pls...TIA:heart:
  2. Which oneeee?:sweatdrop:
    nudepink.jpg smoke grey.jpg
  3. Nude pink would be cute! But probably smoke grey for me, as I'm more of a practical person :smile:
  4. I think the grey is a more practical color, and wont get dirty, also grey is a really hot color of the moment, that being said the nude pink is very girly and pretty. What do you think will go better with your wardrobe?
  5. Smoke Grey for me
  6. my vote is for the smoke grey
  7. I'm also of the "gray is safer" train of thought. I actually prefer the nude color though. It's different, very pretty. If you are the type of person that's super careful with your bags, I wouldn't let maintenance talk you out of it. Go with what you like. If you are hard on your bags though, definitely go with the gray.

    Oh, Styledrops is ALWAYS more expensive than everyone else. Since you are in Thailand and sales tax isn't an issue, get it from Barneys instead.
  8. That's a tough one... I'm not a very "gray" person, so I prefer the nude pink. But if you are worried about maintenance, go with the gray!
    Best of luck to you!
  9. I'm always the weirdo: I LOVE the gold hardware with the gray, but I'm a gold kinda gal anyway. :cutesy:
  10. I had the nude and I didn't care for it. I vote for the grey!
  11. Definitely the gray. The pink looks like raw salmon to me!

  12. Yeahhhh tht thread just made me become hesitated. At the begining, i thought i would definitely buy nude pink. After seeing tht thread, i'm now double minded. Smoke grey is cool...however, i haven't had nude pink color in my collection...i'm so confused now:confused1:

    Btw, it seems grey is the winner. Well, i will sleep on it for couple of days b/f making decision.:graucho:

    Thks so much everybody for the great inputs:tup:

  13. def. smoke gray..this season it is the color..also pink will get dirty easily and hard to clean 'cos of its leather
  14. Grey grey grey!!