Opinion on this job interview outfit

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need your ladies opinion on my outfit. On Tuesday I have a job interview for a company that is a global leader in consumer electronics. My standard interview outfit is pretty boring: black flat shoes, black trousers, a striped shirt and black blazer. Someone told me that I should try to wear some colours, to stand out more from the other candidates. So now I have created a new outfit and would like to know what your ladies think. Is it appropriate for a job interview?

    The shoes are black patent with a gold line on the heel, is that alright? Because I’ve read somewhere that black patent shoes are a no no for job interviews? And I'm worried if the gold line on the heel isn't too much?

    I’m 26 and it’s for an entry level position


    Thanks in advance!
  2. The heels & outfit are fine but I would match it with a black pencil knee length skirt. The beige pants seem a little casual imo

    Good luck for your interview!
  3. ^ exactly my opinion, the khaki pants are too casual and make the outfit too busy with all the mixing of colors.
  4. The pants look way too casual... You will stand out but not in a good way. I would go for black pants or a skirt.

    A light colored skirt would work well too...!
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    I wouldnt recommend a light colored pant/skirt. Wear the black suit ( pants or skirt) and the heels. Patent is fine for interview and they give a formality as well as the fun in the outfit you were going for.
    Always err on the side of conservative for a job interview especially if you are looking for a corporate position, even if it is entry level.
    Edited to add:
    You can stand out by making sure you have researched the company and go into the interview with 4 or 5 good prepared questions. Also a thank you email or letter sent within 24 hours is a must.
    Most candidates dont do this.
  6. In all honesty, I don't really look at what people are wearing but how they carry themselves. Do they have a firm handshake? Do they make good eye contact? Do they smile and are they easy to talk to? Those qualities are more important. You are looking for "fit" when you interview someone. When you bring people in the door, they are already qualified for the job so now it's just a matter of making sure they fit in with the team. Be yourself, wear what you are most comfortable in, and things will work out the way they're meant to. Good luck.
  7. I'm not a fan of the khaki pants. I would recommend wearing a full suit and then a brighter shirt than the dark red. Do you have anything in a cobalt blue?

    Some of my best interviews were when I wore a very tailored dress instead of a suit. I was able to show my personality while still looking dressy and professional. Have you thought about a tailored dress?
  8. I agree with the others - the pants look way too casual, and the color scheme of the outfit doesn't work either. I would put on the black slacks - or a pencil skirt. The shirt will be your pop of color. I don't the think the shoes are a deal breaker, but imo, it's always better to err on the safe side for interviews.

    This is the time to be boring. You can still wear something comfortable that fits your style/personality (for example, I hate suits and slacks, so I wear a sheath dress and blazer for interviews).

    Good luck!
  9. Thank ladies for the feedback. I'm not a skirt person so I will change the cargo trousers in black suit trousers. I honestly feel more comfortable in black trousers than these cargo pants.