opinion on styling for a Ball.

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  1. hi ladies. i would love to get some help. im going to a Ball in two weeks time and don't know what hairstyle, what jewelry or bag i should wear.
    my dress is long and comes in teal colour. i thought about going gold for a bracelet and earrings but the rest?
    pls help! thx.:heart:
  2. here's a pic of the dress. the colour doesn't really come out in this picture - it should be a bit darker.

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  3. You can have your hair done up so it looks more formal.

    As for the teal dress, I would prefer white gold jewelry over yellow gold because it seems like your dress has silver crystals on the side. You have to decide which piece of jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring) would be your statement piece because depending on that, the other pieces could be more understated.

    For a bag, I'd also go with a small silver evening bag or a clutch. If you can find a nice contrast color to teal, that would also work. I don't know which ball you're going to but I went to one in Vienna last year and as there was a lot of dancing, a small evening bag that I could also put on my wrist was much more practical than a clutch.
  4. thanks for the answer. i m already thinking of gold jewelry. maybe only a bracelet and earrings. lets see.
    im going to a ball which is a bit posh and im supposed to dance there too (maybe) - im not sure what colour goes perfectly with teal as it is a bit difficult to find a petite purse for a ball in a specific colour. i have a silver and gold one but am not sure if i should mix...
  5. I think you deffinantly need to wear a necklace.
  6. I went to the one in the Hofburg Palace.

    If you only want to wear earrings and bracelet, I think they have to be statement pieces, otherwise, they'll get lost in the dress. I also wouldn't mix the color of metals as it is a formal event.

    I agree with coach that a nice necklace would suit your dress.
  7. I would go for a necklace too. The dress neads it
  8. thanks for all your answers. ill think about that necklace thing - which find a good idea. i ll try a few things on and see how everything goes.
    also i definitely will go to the hair dressers to get my hair done. not too posh but stylish ;)
  9. I would do hair up, dangly earrings and bangles!
  10. [​IMG]

    You 'd look great with your hair like this. It's easy enough to do it yourself at home!!!
  11. looks awesome. thanks! i thought about something like this aswell!
  12. The dress is lovely! I agree with the advice the others have given. Have a wonderful time!

    I am going to a ball in a few weeks and I haven't found a dress yet! We attend two black-tie events each year and I usually have my dress lined up at least 3 months in advance. I'm starting to get a bit nervous! :sweatdrop:
  13. I love this hairdo. It'll lok amazing with the dress
  14. :smile: lets see. i've an appointment with my hairdresser this week so hopefully it will turn out good :smile: - i'll keep you posted about this, but am still unsure about colours. gold jewellery and gold bag ? well... hm.