Opinion needed: alarplasty or full rhino revision


Sep 18, 2018
Hi all, I'm deciding between getting just an alarplasty, and a full revision rhino. A little back story here:

I had a primary rhino done at Namu exactly two years ago and not too satisfied with the results. I had a tall bridge with hump nose and droopy tip. It made me look like a bird, so I requested to have a slight ski-sloped nose instead of a straight nose. Dr Jeong (He was highly raved about back in 2018) suggested to shave down the hump and put in an I-shape silicone implant together with tip plasty as he said my skin was thin so it would be good to have a silicone on top of the site that was shaved down to prevent bumpiness. Me not knowing any better, agreed to go with it. In hind sight, I shouldn't have put in a silicone implant at all as now I have to worry about infection and all, and doctors back in my home country all said that they would have just shaved the hump down without an implant, and achieve similar results to what I want. I guess that's kind of my fault for not researching enough.

So anyway, my nose bridge is now very ski-sloped. In fact, the radix is too low because the hump has been overshaved, and the lower part of my nose is too high. The tip is still a little droopy though. It looks kind of weird to me but I can live with it. What I really really dislike is that my nostrils is abit too visible from the front for me. It's not that piggy, just more visible than what I'd like for my face. So now, I have two options: Alarplasty (perhaps it can fix the nostril show but doctors in my country say it would only provide slight improvement as a derotation/modification of the implant would be required), or to do a full revision rhinoplasty to derotate the whole nose.

Quite conflicted tbh. Should I risk it to do a full revision rhinoplasty?

Pros: 1) Hopefully have a nose that I love

Cons: 1) Expensive 2) Risk of it becoming worst 3) Downtime

Or just live with it and have an alarplasty done?

Pros: 1) Improvement from front view and profile 2) Cheap 3) Fast recovery

Cons: 1) Risk of asymmetry and scar or looking worst 2) I still wouldn't have the nose that I love

Someone please help :sad:


Dec 7, 2020
Maybe you should look in to closed approach rhino, it leaves scar inside your nose! But I don't think you could avoid the expensive part...