OPI Top Coat


Jan 6, 2006
Product name: OPI Top Coat

Review: WOW! I have to say I am pretty amazed by this top coat. I've had my mani on for about a week now and so far so good, my nail polish has not chipped at all. I've used this product a couple times before and was not happy with it at all. When I used it before my nails would literally chip the next day.

So what was done differently??? I say if you use a base coat, such as bonder, or any type of base in general, your nails will chip the next day or within days. Without a base, the polish stays on a lot longer. I'm sooo amazed. Now, I love this stuff!

Price: ranges but no more than $8.50

Will purchase again: Yes!

Where to find it: Beauty retailers such as Beauty Brands, ULTA, etc...Or you can buy them at your local Nail Salon.
I haven't used a base coat as much so I haven't really noticed w and w/o base coat staying power but that's something to look out for. I've used it once but I was too slow (just starting liking nail polish) and it was thick and sticky. I will give it another whirl maybe.
I've used this for a long time before I tried Seche Vite. It worked great as a top coat but application and drying time is a fail. I find this formula to thicken very easily and quickly. The time it takes to wait for OPI nail polish to dry and then their top coat makes doing manicures a half day chore. =(
This is a great top coat! I honestly like all of OPI's products; I don't think I have ever bought anything by OPI that I didn't like.

I do still use a base coat, and find that for me personally my polish lasts a LOT longer with a base. I do use Creative Nail Design Sticky as my base though. It has a slightly tacky feel to it when it's dry, and it really helps your nail polish adhere to the nails better.
OPI top coat is my favorite! Their formula is very nice and helps my nail color last a long time. Also I love their range of colors. I usually buy them from ULTA because they seem to have the best selection.