Ophidia GG small or Padlock GG small?

  1. I tried Ophidia in store and really liked it (especially that it can also be worn crossbody), but was a bit unsure about a bit too tight opening. But then I found Padlock online. Does anyone own it? I found nothing here and only one video on Youtube... Both bags look stunning to me and I really like it that they both can be dressed up or down.

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  2. I do not own one but they are both beauties..., tough choice. Good luck.
  3. I would personally go with the padlock. It's a much roomier, functional bag. I also think it looks cleaner with the black and canvas layout.
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  4. Aesthetics wise i love the Ophidia, it's such a classic Gucci design! And i love that it is crossbody too :smile:

    Functionality wise, the padlock looks like it holds a bigger capacity...but im not too fond of the design because it just doesnt scream Gucci to me.

    So if this is just for an everyday/leisure bag that you'd like to carry out here and there and you dont mind the capacity, then i'd say Ophidia hands down :smile:
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    They are actually not that different in size. From Gucci website:

    Ophidia: W26cm x H17.5cm x D8cm
    Padlock: W26cm x H18cm x D10cm

    But Padlock is of course roomier due to the fact that it's wider.

    P.S. Now I actually understand, why I couldn't find much info on padlock: it's only available for preorder with delivery times in January - February :biggrin:
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  6. The Ophidia is beautiful and in my opinion...the issue I have with that Ophidia is the magnetic closure. Its a really powerful magnet Gucci is using there in my opinion. When I opened it and closed it, it closes really fast and with a bit of force...too much for my liking. It won't come open by accident for sure, but I think Gucci could have gone with a slightly lower strength or possible a different method to close it. Anyway, as far as the padlock....looks beautiful. I have not handled that particular bag you refer to, but I did try out the bees version which looks pretty similar in size etc. I ended up getting the smaller bee/star small padlock and really love it, but it is not a tote and its a smaller bag. I will say I like the padlock closure Gucci did so its similar on the tote. If it were me I would choose the tote over the Ophidia, but it is not me and you should of course go with what you love :smile:
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