Opening of boutique in Malaysia

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  1. I just saw on the BV website that a boutique is opening in Kuala Lumpur. :yahoo:

    Does anyone know when the boutique will open?
  2. It is open in Starhill.

    I thought it was there for sometime already... for the pass one month i pass the Starhill lane, I been seeing the Bottega signs
  3. Do you have the phone number of the boutique?
  4. #4 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    Would be interested to know how their prices compared to HK & USA. I go to KL once or twice a year. Please post if you have found any pricing. Thanks.
  5. If I'm not wrong, the store has been opened just recently. Will check, and post the no for the store here tomorrow!