Opened up my own Ebay account and now having second thoughts

  1. I probably should have opened up my own eBay account years ago but unfortunately never did. I bought and sold hundreds of items on my step-sisters accounts and never really thought anything of it until the last few days. This might sound really stupid, but I would like my own eBay identity, not just the user name itself but like the whole picture...does that make sense?

    Anyhoo, I opened my account yesterday and listed three items. I created an about me page, a profile, added some pics, and linked myself to Skype so buyers could call me. Out of three items, I have two watchers only!

    Im a little discouraged, but I understand. I mean, now, I have zero feedback, so buyers dont have a lot of confidence in that.

    I feel like closing my new account now because I am so discouraged. Im not sure though. What do you guys think?:shrugs::crybaby:
  2. dont give up, your still an eBay newbie. everyone started at 0.
  3. Maybe buy/sell a few low priced items to get a little feedback.
  4. I agree that buying and selling smaller items helps get your feedback up. Also post as many pics about the bags as you can and hang in there. It takes time. As you probably know many bags aren't really bidded on properly until the last few hours of the sale.
  5. Yes, definately buy a lot of items to get your feedback up. It's hard at first but once you get some feedbacks, it is exciting!
  6. no, don't close it! you have to start somewhere...and just give it some time, I'm sure you'll have more watchers soon!
  7. It also doesn't hurt to say in your auctions that while this is a new eBay account for you, you have bought and sold on eBay for x number of years previously.
    I wouldn't get into detail about using someone else's account, though, since that might turn off potential buyers.

    Definitely don't give up now, just because of very few watchers. For one thing, watchers don't mean squat. For another thing, believe me, you will have MUCH more frustrating things happen to you as an eBay seller!! LOL!
  8. Oh no, don't close it!

    Just be really honest and detailed in your description, you're experienced, this will shine through in your auctions, wish you the best of luck!:smile:
  9. Lately I have seen a lot of "newer" sellers with low feedback becoming PowerSellers. Don't give up, it will happen.
  10. One of my favourite Japanese songs called "Keep Tryin'" comes to mind... i'd sing it for you, but you'll probably die :shame:. You get the idea.
  11. Hello,

    Maybe you should also mention or denote the other eBay seller id you were affiliated with in all of your current auctions. Possibly that would give people a little bit of comfort knowing they can comfirm you do have a good record selling within another could tell potential buyers they can contact the eBay seller (the one with lots of good feedback) to confirm you are the real deal! Just a few thoughts. Good luck and happy holidays. best wishes. :flowers:
  12. Does really good feedback as a buyer help when you start selling as well? That would be nice - since we have good buyer feedback but no seller feedback...
  13. Yeah, it actually does. Up until a few weeks ago I only had like 15 feedbacks (all from buying) and was able to sell an expensive LV bag. I just made sure I had a ton of pictures (showing date codes, heat stamp, etc) and yeah, I had an "about me" page.
  14. It helps, but only to a limited extent in my opinion.
    I personally won't buy something super expensive from a newer seller even if they have a LOT of feedback as a buyer. Takes totally different "skills" to buy on eBay as opposed to selling on eBay, and there are a lot of extra rules to know when you're selling. I personally won't risk a large amount of money on the assumption that a brand new seller has read those rules and agrees to respect them. Just my two cents, though.