Open-back dresses

  1. I love this Gucci cruise '08 dress and I'm currently on the waitlist for it and keeping my fingers crossed that it won't blow my wallet (it'll still be expensive, of course!):

    Anyway, it looks stunning in real life, much better than in the picture, especially the open-back. I think it's a great investment piece that won't go out of style.

    My question is, would it be wierd to wear a top beneath the dress? I will of course keep it open-back for evening events but I would love to wear it out and about during day with the support of a bra. I know some people wear tops beneath very low-cut dresses, but would wearing a top under an open-back dress look wierd?

  2. Hm I cant see the back of the dress so I dont know how open-back it is (where does the cut stop, do you know?) but VS makes a very nice bra where you can pull the straps all the way down. Of course it only works when you wear the bra as a halter but I rather have a clear halter strap that I can cover with a necklace or something than a top that closes the back.

    However if you want to wear a top under the dress, I dont think it'll look weird, maybe just more conservative but there's nothing wrong with that.

    It's a beautiful dress!
  3. Thanks for the reply! The open-back is pretty low, so definitely to wear a bra I need a top underneath. I've been thinking about bras with clear straps, but they don't have enough support for me, I prefer my custom-fitted ones, and unfortunately they don't have strapless or clear strap versions.
  4. I don't think it would look weird with a top under it. How about a racer back tank top (of course with a racer back bra)? I think I saw that on SATC once.
    Nice dress by the way!
  5. Thanks! I love your racerback top idea, would look very interesting!
  6. If you wear a top in a contrasting color, it may enhance the look. Or I really like those bras with the thick bandeau strap in the back.
  7. wear a hot bra and leave the back open.
  8. i don't see any open back at link... leave the back open it's one of the style of the dress...if you want wear a silicon bra...
  9. yea i think it'll be weird to wear a top beneath it. it defeats the purpose of the open back!
  10. I think I'd wear the stick on bra thing I got from Nubra, I think it is?
  11. Thanks for the replies!

    What I meant is that I will leave it open-back for special occasions, but I would like to wear the dress during day and I prefer wearing a bra during the day. Thanks everyone!
  12. I found a pic of the open-back:

    I think a white top that matches the white below (or even a black top) wouldn't look bad with it...

    I checked out the Nubras and they look very uncomfortable to me though, has anyone tried them?

    And the convertible bras I've seen don't seem to go low enough... :sad:
  13. I have the featherlite model of the nubra, and I absolutely love it, I wear it every weekend for work on saturdays and sundays at the boutique I work at, I definitely recommend it!
    I was skeptical, though I never thought it would be uncomfortable, they're really great, and if you wore them under shirts, you wouldn't get those lines across the back of your shirt. You should give it a try!
    And you're so right, the back is gorgeous! Oh, and DON'T wear a top under that dress, well, personally I think that would take away from the back of this specific dress.
  14. the dress is soo pretty
  15. i never can wear open back dress