OP or Pirata???

  1. AHHH I'm in such a fix right now. Should I get an Original Print Bambino, or a Pirata one? I'm already getting tons of stuff from the outlet, but I'm stuck on those 2 bags. Which print looks better on a Bambino? Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. IMO Pirata looks better on a bigger bag as it's a bigger 'scene' print; hence I would go with OP since the bambino is on the small side, the prints wun look uncompleted and cut off
  3. I'd say Pirata... but that's just my opinion because I'm not feeling the original print.
  4. I'd suggest the OP for now. One, who knows how long the outlets will have it? Pirata will *probably* last longer and you have a better chance of picking up a Pirata bag in a couple months than the OP which seems to be wildly popular right now.
    Two, generally, I would agree as well that Pirata does look better on a bigger bag due to the print. I do actually have a Pirata in bambino and I got very lucky with my placement (I either have full heads or the girl sitting down so her head's not cut off, so it CAN work on a bambino but it's tricky.) Oddly enough, my zucca actually has more severed body parts than my bambino lol. My 0.02.
  5. i agree with angelic*ruin. who knows how much longer we'll be able to find OPs? pirata came out a couple of months ago, so it'll still be floating around somewhere. since it is a scenic print, it would make sense to get it in a bigger bag to see more of it.
  6. i vote for OP!
  7. I also vote for OP. And I vote that it must have the yellow cactus kid on it! *lol* :tup:
  8. OP! I wanted it since it first came out in spring '06 but it was sold out...it's SO CUTE! i just ordered the 2nd gen OP bambino yesterday ^__^
  9. OP all the way (although I love Pirata too!)
  10. I vote OP. I don't have anything Pirata, and didn't really like it when it came out (although it's growing on me), but I love OP. I especially like the happy flowers.
  11. i personally prefer pirata over OP in general (cuz i like prints with the adult women) :p

    but with the bambino, i'm going to vote for OP.
    it's just the perfect print for the cutesy small-sized tote!

    whichever print you end up getting, congrats. a bambino is really cute :smile:
  12. original print!!! :biggrin: