Oops... She did it again?!?!

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  1. [​IMG]

    As if her career-ending performance at last night’s big MTV Video Music Awards wasn’t bad enough, embattled tabloid star Britney Spears was photographed going commando (yet again!!!!!!!!!) after her humiliating performance.

    CLICK HERE to check out Brit in all her hairless NSFW glory.

    If you listen really carefully, you can actually hear the sizzle and burn of Brit’s career going up in flames.


  2. Oh dear God! It's apparant she is sabotaging her own career and life, but WHY?!
  3. wow:wtf:
  4. Ew!!
  5. OMG!! Will she ever learn?????
  6. I loved that they used the words 'Fading Youth' to censor her lady garden;).
  7. she just doesn't learn
  8. Sad.
  9. what is wrong with her? brit needs some serious help.
  10. Omg!!
  11. I think she should just not be allowed out in public anymore. Or even better, the paparazzi just shouldn't show any interest anymore and we'll see her in some magazine in 20 years going "what ever happened to...."

    It's sad and pathetic but she doesn't seem to care where her career is going. Because if she did, she would have straightened up, done the right thing, hired real people to help with her kids, fired her manager, and just lead a regular normal life with her kids in tow. There's no reason for her to act this way. Unless she's just wasted on some prescription drugs that someone's feeding to her on the sly.

    It's so sad and so strange to watch. It's like nothing I've ever seen.....
  12. Someone please buy this idiot a pair of underwear!! Please!!!
  13. omg what a dumb ***** :roflmfao:
  14. Urgh.
  15. Oh my.... she can afford the most luxury lingerie in the world, so why she doesn't buy it?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.