Oops, I did it again (impulse buy reveal)

  1. Since I know you guys will understand why this purchase made sense, I'm turning to you for your always reliable support.

    Anyone around to see my third sick-day splurge?
  2. I love impulse buy, show me show me.
  3. Here! Let's see.
  4. i'm here!!!! (boy... these sick days are expensive :lol::lol:!!!!!)
  5. Here!

    Just saw you mention in another thread about purchasing 3 items last week and I thought to myself I only remembered seeing 2 items..... :graucho:
  6. Here :smile:
  7. Yeah, this was the third... But let me preface by saying it cost me 40 EURO! Forty! Four zero. Two digits. For an LV. Authentic. Bananas, people.
  8. I thought my LV life was lacking a bit in the Multicore department. And I had recently been looking into the various uses for products, outside of their intended function. (Because I was searching for a valid reason to buy the Kusama agenda.)

    That landed me here:


    With my clearly pre-owned, but in pretty darn good shape, deal of the century black MC agenda!
  9. A really great deal. Congrats!
  10. Seriously.
  11. Thanks! I don't know if I was more attracted to the bargain or the agenda! Haha
  12. I've ordered a bunch of interesting Filofax inserts, and I plan on using it as a notepad and random purse stuff holder (for stamps, business cards, etc.). Once I get it all set up, I'll post pics. I think it's cool to see what else you can do with an agenda cover now that many of us use digital versions.
  13. Girl! I hope you get better soon or you may run out of closet space! ;) A very useful piece and a GREAT deal!
  14. Love it congrats!
  15. Congrats on the great deal! You couldn't pass that one up! :smile: