Ooops, i popped a thread.

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  1. in the course of the drama of my flight adventure last week from canada, my poor little purse took a bashing and i noticed once we got home that a thread had popped. today i went over to hermes nyc with my purse, not knowing if they would have to send it to paris, or charge me $500 or what.
    i didn't see anyone at the service desk so i asked at the counter and was told that pierre was in (not claude though) and he was on the 3rd floor. i took the elevator up and asked a very friendly SA for pierre and he went over to a door and knocked (i think it may be locked from the inside) and after a while it opened a little and he stuck his head in, pulled his head back out, the door closed and he told me that pierre would be right with me.
    i waited maybe 2 minutes - long enough to turn around and see the custom bicycle they have up there. not bad. then the door opened and pierre greeted me from inside what turned out to be a small work studio. he was dressed as well as the SAs, very polished, but was sitting on a bar stool at a high table with tools and supplies before him. on several shelves along one wall were bolts of leather, every kind of leather in every imaginable color. nevermind the stitch in my bag, my eyes popped. i held up my bag and explained. he took it and turned to the table, picked up this tool and then that tool, it took maybe 4 or 5 minutes, and then he turned around and handed it back to me, voila, all done. no charge, no delay. THAT is why hermes is "worth it" to me.
  2. I love a happy ending!
  3. How fabulous! I'm so glad you had everything turn out ok! :flowers:
  4. Nice result!

    Now tell us about the all the leather you saw! :drool:
  5. this is sooo great
  6. the leather - i tell you it was nuts. i loved how it was all rolled up so casually, really matter of fact, this stuff that we post about and research and covet, and i love that about hermes. i love how they manage to bring together the handmade aspect, with imperfect stitches (perfect, of course, but not machine-made straight, etc.), etc. AND ultimate luxury and the result is this polished, elegant bag. it's a fabulous combo. chanel would never have some guy in the backroom messing with tools and glue and such. that's not their image. they're uber refined. hermes has that lingering touch of the stable, that practical aspect. it's just so damn appealing to me!
  7. Loved your re-telling of the experience HH! It's such a throwback to an older time when everything was handmade; I love it.
  8. What a wonderful story HH!!
  9. thanks for sharing this and you are right, they fix it if they can..right on the spot..
  10. I'm so happy you had a positive experience. It's nice to hear!
  11. Excellent service and an experience, too!
  12. Great experience, thanks for sharing, and I totally agree with you - THAT is one of the differentiating aspects of Hermes.
  13. HiHeels, I missed you by a few hours today. Doesn't the difference in personalities between Claude and Pierre astound you? Claude is so chatty and friendly while Pierre is quiet and reserved, yet they both do excellent work. We're quite fortunate to have them both in NYC. The workshop on the 3rd floor also houses the watch repairman as well.
  14. HiHeels, thanks for sharing such a great experience! I would love to be in your shoes in that backroom!! They probably had to resuscitate me first though.
  15. LOL hermesgroupie i was battling the wind walking up the sidewalk and the wind was winning and all of a sudden i realized i might be stepping into dangerous waters, being blown up the street looking like a wreck, holding my bag for any tpf-er to spot.
    misspiggy i believe i couldn't stop myself and blurted out "this might just be the most fun room i've ever seen!"