Ooops ! Heather Forgot Her Slip.

  1. [​IMG]
    The shoppers at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills were given a little show on Tuesday afternoon. Heather Locklear was out (emphasis on out) and about shopping when paparazzi snapped this beautiful photo.
  2. :wtf:
    I really don't know what to you suppose it is as transparent from the front?

    She's doubt about that.
  3. shes sooo hot¬¬ wonder if she knew that would happen
  4. That getup will get her the attention she is obviously seeking.
  5. she's hawt. whatever! haha
  6. If you look at her calves it almost looks like she's wearing those nude colored Spanx leggings under that skirt. In any event, go Heather go! ;)
  7. It looks like she has little shorts on underneath that thing she is wearing... Is it a skirt or a slip?
  8. She is a beautiful woman. However this is yet another example of her dressing waaaaaay too young for her age.
  9. well, if you're gonna be see-through at least have a rockin' bod like heather!
  10. pursegrrl you've got a point there^^
  11. I love your comments....
  12. ewww, but cute skirt.
  13. Well, at least she's got nice legs! Maybe she didn't know it was see through though. I have skirts that light shines right through when you examine it but it's not obvious when you don't pay attention.
  14. women still wear slips????
  15. Yup!