oooohhh I had an idea what do you think???

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Oooh I had an idea what do you think???

  1. Use one of your Le fabs! Apply the $ for the bag towards some new clothes to match the Geranium!

  2. Buy the RED EPI PASSY GM!! THe le fab as a laptop bag what are you thinking??

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  1. Okay as you all know (well maybe) I've been on the hunt for a laptop bag, of course by LV ;). Well I had my geranium le fab for sale on that famous little auction site (I love the color but I have a hard time incooperating it in my wardrobe) and I got to thinking maybe my laptop would fit in the le fab. I tries it and IT FITS!!! I don't travel and I don't bring my laptop to work. The only reason I wanted a bag was in case I needed one. So tell me which option would you choose....
  2. Hmmmmm love geranium color..I know you have other 4 Le fabs..
    Keep the beauty, you don't need any other laptopr bag when you already have the queen of the shoulder bag and it fits.
  3. by the way it fits perfect the laptop is even with the top of the bag!
  4. queen of le fabs (yes PLURAL!), WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?! lol please don't sell the geranium one, it's GORGEOUS! as much as I love the passy it is WAYY inferior compared to le fabuleux..........just the name itself is enough to impress me.....le fabuleux le fabuleux le fabuleux! rolls off my tongue! I'm still waiting to catch a pretty lady with her le fab one day, cuz I'm gonna stop her in the middle of the street and ask to take a pic with her! haha
  5. I wouldn't use it as a laptop bag though. Keep it if you love it. You will only regret it later on if you love that bag.
  6. Would the weight of the laptop stretch the handles in the long run? I would keep the le fab....and buy the passy! Then go on your ban LOL.
  7. I say use the the le fab as a case for your laptop and use the money you're going to spend on a new bag/case for clothes.