Ooooh Mail from LV?!

  1. What a pleasant surprise when I came home and saw a huge white thick envelope with the from label "LV" logo.. and the back with SCP LV's address on it!

    I was like.. hmm, what on earth??

    and it was the Men's Autumn/Winter 06-07 catalog! :nuts: How awesome! I don't get their mailings.. so that's why this is cool for me.. there's a price list in the back of the catalog too.

    I know some others on here HAD to have gotten the catalog, or the women's version.. share share share! :biggrin: I know I can't be the only one! Lol.

    oh, and the back of the price list had all the major global stores listed too. This is so neat for me.. lol. I hope more come my way!:yahoo:
  2. I have the men's catalogue as well... nothing special I guess.
  3. well i know nothing in the catalog itself is special.. but i've never gotten mail or anything FROM LV.. other than reciepts, my purchases and "thank you!"s from the actual associates. lol. maybe i'm just overly excited. lol.
  4. Oh no, I wasn't referring to you getting the catalogue, but more about the blandness of the catalogue itself. Sorry if my first post wasn't clear enough.
  5. I personally care more for the "thank you" notes, btw.
  6. I understand your excitement!
  7. Little things like that would be great!
  8. i got a little catalogue as well couple of weeks ago and it surprise me yet makes me so exciting though.. :laugH:

    it such a nice surprise to have those little things from LV
  9. oh how exciting! i have never received anything from LV but i'm sure it's a good feeling. :yes:
  10. I'd be excited too if it happened to me! LOL!
  11. can you take a pic of the cover? I havnt received mine yet but i did get something f/w, i want knw if its the same
  12. I like getting mail from LV, no matter what it is.
  13. :yahoo: I got LV mail today. Actually it came from Holt Renfrew, but said "Louis Vuitton" on the front. I share your excitement for getting something in the mail.
  14. Anyone wants this catalogue, PM me. I have 2 of them sent to me and I can ship it to anyone who wants/collects them. Or else, it will end up into the trash bin. I am on LV ban now, so any temptation will be handled appropriately. Oh yes, you are paying for the shipping cost by the way. :P
  15. Cool.