Oooh, I'm in love...pic of my new Kenneth Cole NY Chocolate Baby

  1. I :heart: this bag soooooooo much, when I took it out of the dustbag it smelled divine, original retail is over $400, I paid $175! I wanted a really dark chocolate leather brown bag, it can be worn on the shoulder or on the arm and it looks terrific.

  2. pretty! this coming from a self proclaimed hater of brown bags!
  3. Thanks, why do you hate brown bags?
  4. I think because I mainly wear black grey and white - I just tend to be anti-brown in general. Maybe because it looks bland on me?
  5. Very pretty! I love rich looking, chocolate bags and this one looks practically edible!
  6. Oh, ok I'm not a fan of light brown, I only like dark, dark brown in terms of clothing and purses.
  7. It really is the color of dark chocolate, my friend at first thought it was black.
  8. Beautiful bag congrats.
  9. I LOOOOOVE Kenneth Cole! Diva, your bag looks like chocolate.
  10. Thank you!
  11. Its gorgeous! Love a great dark, dark brown bag
  12. I've recently become a Kenneth Cole fan, the bags are so beautiful.
  13. Thank u!
  14. That bag is really striking!!! The leather looks TDF, just in the pics, I can only imagine how luscious it is in real life. Congrats!
  15. Thank you, the leather is really beautiful, I am definitely a KENNETH COLE NEW YORK fan now, lol.