Online shopping

  1. How about trying the Prada boutique?

    Here's the number in Beverly Hills, maybe they can find a boutique for you locally that has the bag.

    (310) 278-8661
  2. If you phone Saks to place an order instead of ordering online they usually ship to places outside the US
  3. Raffello Network I think had prada stuff.... Bluefly too.... not sure who else sells prada authentic stuff.

    Hope you can find it - I usually have the same hassle!

    (pls ignore the following link its an error of somekind)
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  4. Hi I'm new to this forum! This is a great ! I mean a forum dedicated to handbags!!!'s exactly what I need. Anyway, there's a website called which I've been visiting lately. There's this prada - nappa gauffre tote bag I'm totally in love with and they're the only one who has it. Has anyone bought from this site before? Is it safe? They don't have that style here in KL so I hv no choice but to purchase online. I'm still doing a lot of checks. So far, they have the most styles compared to other sites. There's another reputable one but they don't carry the style I'm looking for and they have a lot less styles compared to Just need for someone out there who've ordered from this site to verify that they were happy buying fm styledrops.