Online Sale Reveal!

  1. I saw this bag in the FP store a couple weeks ago during PCE and was so tempted. My BF was like "do you really need another bag? You just bought 6" lol - my last reveal was pretty major! So I put the bag down and left. I ended up getting an invite to the online sale and there it was! I was so excited to have a second (cheaper) chance! Since the outlet is 8 hours away from me I decided in the long run it was cheaper to just purchase it online. Here it is! Chelsea Metallic Leather EW Carryall in Platinum! A bit smaller than I tend to like but there was something about this bag that got me. Happy to share with you!
    image-3116897246.jpg image-1260668749.jpg
  2. Congrats...!!
    Very pretty enjoy her.!
  3. I like! Congrats!
  4. How much can she hold? And congrats, this one caught my eye as well!
  5. It was meant to be. Congratulations
  6. Great bag! I love the colour and all the compartments in there! Congrats!!!
  7. Pretty! Is that the soft shimmer leather? (I love that)
  8. Lovely bag, I really like the Chelsea bags. Congrats!
  9. Congrats...lovely bag, enjoy!!
  10. Very pretty!! Congrats!
  11. Very pretty!
  12. I saw your last ultimate reveal! :ps: Congrats on your newest beauty!!
  13. Wow nice! I don't remember seeing her in the online sale at all.
  14. Yes! Extremely soft shimmer leather. So soft it doesn't even feel like leather!
  15. There are 3 compartments inside and I'm sure it will hold more than you'd think. It will easily hold my wallet, phone, cosmetic case, book, iPad, etc.