Online Education

  1. Hi ladies ( and Gents, if any!)

    I have found interest in finishing up college.

    I been hearing a little about Online Courses. ( Going to class in your PJ's at home, online studying,while having PF minimized on the bottom!! :graucho: )

    Has anyone done this? Is there anything I should know about it before registering?

    I just want to get my AA in Bus.Admin...

    Thanks for everyones input!:shame:

    ( I added 2 pix...took these today in Clearwater,FL)
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  2. I did a couple of online courses at college (so unfortunatly no pj's!).

    The first was an ICT course wherby you just completed all these units that were set out on a website. It was really great not having a teacher and not having to sit down for formal lessons. I loved being able to go ahead at my own pace. I would definitley recommend it but the only thing is that you have to be really self-motivated and not slack off as theres no-one there to push you.

    The second course was a law AS level by video conference. There were 6 people in my group and we watched our tutor down in London via webcam and likewise he saw what we were up to. I loved these lessons and it was only for one hour a week. Like the other course the rest was done in your own time but at least we had someone checking up that we'd completed the work. If we didn't do our homework we just didn't turn on the pc and blammed it on 'technical difficulties'. :P

    Hope that helps x
  3. I just did an entire two semesters online, and I liked it a lot! I did sit around in my pj's too. The only thing you have to realize about online classes, is that it takes more self discipline to do the work. A lot of times there will be more "busy" work in online classes, because the profs. have to have some way to know you are participating every day. You also have to read your textbooks, since they are basically the only way you get any information. Online classes are not easier than regular campus classes, which I think is a common misconception. Also, for some classes, you may have to go to campus to take your exams. I have had classes where you can take your exams at home which means you can use your book, and those tests aren't easy. Overall, I really liked taking online classes, and I am a little sad that I will have to go back to campus this next semester.

    just a little side note, but I am moving to North Redington Beach next week.
  4. I know that Temple University is suppose to have a good online program. I was trying to convince my aunt to do it for medical transcription. You should check them out!
  5. Ditto! I took one class online for undergrad (we didn't find out until after we signed up :shrugs: ) and I ended up with a B+ (when I usually get As) because I was lazy.

    I'm taking a master's class online this semester. I'm going to set up a time to do work and actually go to school so I'll do it. :roflmfao:
  6. So, can you complete your whole degree online? I'm thinking of those commercials that say you can complete your degree in 1 year or so.
  7. We are actually starting a "world campus" right here at Penn State that will offer some degrees totally on-line. It's new, so there aren't a lot of degrees available yet, but check the website, as it's growing!

    I'm actually teaching an on-line class for the first time this coming semester. I just finished developing it. My course is "Religion in American Life and Thought." I'm excited about trying it out:wlae:

    I know that the University of Phoenix offers loads of on-line degrees. They were sort of the "pioneer" school for on-line education. And, of course, you don't need to live anywhere near there to participate.

    I think you have lots of options.:yes:
  8. Beware of scams out there: a few issues ago, TIME Magazie did an article on internet "colleges" taking your money and then shutting down sites.

    I personally don't believe that internet courses could ever replace classroom education, but it sounds like an AA in Business Adminstration is very pragmatic and work-oriented anyway so maybe the degree is more important in and of itself than the experience? NOT meant as criticism, since even many law schools take a more practical as opposed to theoretical approach.
  9. I think as long as you don't intend to mess with peoples heads ie psychology, anything in the actual medical field, or like social work go right ahead.

    I had a professor in college who said 'do you really want to go to a dr and see that their medical degree is from an 'online university.'

    I also think the stigma of an online degree as an online degree is no longer there.

    Good luck.
  10. My boyfriend is getting his MBA from Walden University's online program. So far he is quite pleased with his experience. I will say this: if you're the kind of person who has trouble with procrastination and making a schedule and keeping to it, you probably won't do well in an online program. It is very easy to procrastinate when you have the luxury of doing things on your own time. You have to learn to budget your time accordingly.
  11. I do my B.A for economics like this. my university sends me my books I prepare myself and then attend a seminar at the seminar centre. Everything else is online. We have an online university where every subject has its own tutors, newsgroups, chats and where I can download and upload my homeworks. I'm doing this now for almost 1 1/2 years and I like it a lot. It's true that you have to be a self starter and that I have to study when others are going to the lake but just another 2 years and then I'm finished and can get myself a good job. Doing this university was one of the best decisions I ever made. My university is fully certified by the State so it's accepted like every other full time university where somone has to attend physically.
  12. I've taken a few courses online & I agree with others about having to be self disciplined but I also had group work so it was a bit of a challenge trying to get the group together at scheduled times via MSN as we were located all over the country.
  13. I love online course but only for certain courses. For example, I am a math geek but I cannot learn math online. I need to visualize the problem & work it out. Courses such as history, art, or even music was soo easy online =)
  14. Where I'm attending school, all of the online courses were filled before any others and I was unable to enroll in any. I've heard both positives and negatives. Most people I know choose online courses for their electives but the classes they really need for their major they make sure to get an in-class... class. Lol. At my school there's also wireless internet so you can just sit in class and play online on those days where you want to be lazy. LOL!
  15. Anymoreee input?