One Year Warranty

  1. I guess, it is official. Everyone of us should start examining our LV bags carefully before their FIRST BIRTHDAY. So if there is any repair needs to be done. Do it before it is on your dime.

    Here is my story. Today, I went to the boutique to see the new styles for 2011 and I brought along my Eva Azur that I purchased last Valentine's Day. Mind you, I've only used it ONCE because I was too afraid of the vanchetta getting patina or color transfer. I brought it because the ends of the strap where the clips are the ends of the leather is lifting up and starting to peel off. So I wanted to ask the SA what to do about it.

    So anyways, the SA said that it was "normal wear and tear" that ends of the leather where they thin out and glued on will curl up because it is rubbing against my clothing. I said to her, "I've only used it once, as you can see, the leather hasn't even change color yet." Then, I told her, I've had other pieces with the same "glued" ends and they don't come up.

    Then she said that since it is within one year of my purchasing the item, I could have it "repair" for free. Then, she said, but repairing it won't help because it will just happen all over again. So my response was, "Send it out because I want it perfect. I haven't really "worn it" I will have it repair and if it happens again, I will bring up the issue with the leather good manager."

    So that is what I have come to the conclusion that like our children, your LV bags will need a "check up" before its first birthday, just in case you want something repaired/fixed, so you can get it done before it is too late.
  2. Very interesting. I have never heard them actually say a certain amount of time. However I have a feeling that it would be hard to get most SAs to admit this.
  3. Only a year? I thought 'better' bags were guaranteed for life? Coach claims to be but I've never taken one back to test that promise.
  4. oh, our boutique SA's had "new customers" fill out this "form" when they purchase their new bag and tell them that it guarantees them a one year warranty. I've never filled one out (or never offered one) but I've wanted in line to pay and seen it happen.

  5. I think one year "free service" is for anything and everything... so I wonder if you accidently burn a hole in your bag, they'd fix it for free? (Not likely for me to text that theory but...) They will fix most thing "at a cost" during the lifetime of the product. However, certain things they won't "fix." Ie reglaze an item that has damaged canvas. They will fix "defects" but not always for free.
  6. I'd better check mine.... I've used mine a few times since I got it this time last year.
  7. Wow I've never heard of a form before. I had to sign one at Gucci the other day though.
  8. I dont think thats true, my bag had a crack in the leather after a year and a half and they changed all of the leather on it for free.

    also, she is right about the peeling up, all of my bags have it peeled up like that even my new ones that ive only worn a few times.
  9. there is no such thing as 1 year guarante....
    it's case by case, if they see you use the product with care and it's
    'ageing' in unnatural way, they will resolve your problem with care (free repair or new product) than when they see you are a heavy user
  10. i've had repairs done to do the glaze cracking and they've repaired the items for free after the 1 year mark. it wasn't until recently when I spoke to a manager who said lv changed their policy and are required to charge for all repairs.

    i think for a luxury item, you should be charged anything if it's a defect and the item shows hardly any signs of wear.

    i know others have mentioned before, but the quality of lv has gone down.
  11. I asked an online customer service rep about a warranty and she said there is no warranty policy -- each bag is handled on a case-by-case basis.
  12. Well, that is what I was told. They charge for all repair, unless, it is less than a year old... even then, if it heavy wear and tear, they won't cover.
  13. Well, it used to be that they will do most "repair" with just charging shipping. I have had a zipper (the whole thing) replaced and they only charged me $20 for shipping (ten years ago.)

    The other day, they want to charge $60 for the material and labor for a friend of mine's speedy 25.

    I do have to say that if you are dealing with a SA that you regularly shop with, the price of repair can be significantly different.
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  15. When I took in my 6 month old wallet, they repaired it for free...when it fell apart again after 2 days, they gave me credit for a new one. When THAT one started to fall apart after 2 days, they gave me another replacement one. I didn't even ask for it, I told them that I would just keep it, but the SA insisted. My problem was with the glazing peeling off, and she said that it absolutely is not supposed to do that.
    The last one that I got is perfect, and I've been carrying it with no problems. The SA told me that they see that problem frequently, and that there are problems with the glazing sometimes.

    I don't remember anyone saying "one year" specifically, but when I took it in the first wasn't even 6 months..actually 4 or so...but they grabbed it and said that there would definitely not be a charge.

    But I've heard of other people who had to fight to get "free" repairs for items less than a year old. I think it depends on the issue, and whether the SA feels that it was a fault with the product or wear and tear.