One very overpriced Totally Turnlock Bowler sighted on Ebay!

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  1. Its black. Anyways, what do you guys think? Yay or nay, given the price?

    I already have one but I would love to buy one as a gift for my sister.
  2. Can you provide a link?
  3. It's definitely a beautiful bag but that price is ridiculous. :Push: Would your sister like anything from the current line?
  4. offer them a lower price for it. tell them it retails for 398. But i have seen this black bowler go for 600 on ebay recently so he may not want to budge
  5. be patient and one with a better price will pop up....I've seen it happen! :yes:
  6. I guess the seller thinks the popularity of this bag is worth the higher markup. I wonder if somebody is desperate enough to go for it?