One Shouldered Dresses: Would You Wear This Look ?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. It depends on the garment for me, I am not a fan of the first two, but I do like the last black dress. I also LOVED Keira Knightley's dress at the Oscars.
  3. It depends on the dress.. but in general, this style kind of reminds me of Flintstones wear.
  4. I love the last two..... I am a big fan of the one shoulder!
  5. I love it and find it sexy just showing one shoulder.
  6. I would but it would depend on the dress. I love the last two!!!
  7. I would! I do like the toga look. :yes:

    :heart: the 3rd dress!
  8. I would if my shoulders and arms looked good in them! I like this look a lot!
  9. i like the grecian looK!its sexy without showing too much skin... i like the middle photo. blue and black is a nice combo.
  10. I love the blue one and yes, I'm a fan of this look. I have a black shirt that is one shouldered.
  11. I love it...however just shopping for a bra that would work for me...UGHHHH...I would rather get a boob job then look for a strapless that would work!
  12. I like this look, my favorite is the blue dress. I have a couple shirts that are on-shouldered, but no dresses.
  13. Rachel Bilson looks awesome..I love her look and would totally copy that look.
  14. Yes! Definitely.
  15. yes, i've worn some one shouldered tops... but not dress :P