One scarf/shawl design, two or more colorways

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  1. Does anyone have the same scarf or shawl design in two (or more) colorways? I'm becoming obsessed with Tohu Bohu and Bolduc au Carre, but I wonder whether it would be weird to get two Tohu Bohu shawls this fall.
  2. I am nuts over Tohu Bohu, too, and have two shawls and hope to get one or two more this fall. :tup: I have three Tohu Bohu scarves and two Marwari scarves. If I love something I generally want more than one colorway.
  3. ^^ Whew! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I remember the photo of your lovely Tohu Bohu collection! There are so few H scarf designs that speak to me, but when they do, they really do.
  4. I have legende moghole scarf in two colourways. I don't see why not, sometimes it's impossible to just pick one ;)
  5. I have the EA GM Shawl in 2 colourways (green and blue)
    I have the 70cm Omnibus scarf in 4 colourways (black/white, rose/pink, etoupe/yellow and green)
    and I have the Turandot in 3 colourways (aubergine, blue and orange)
  6. With you on the "design speaking to you"..I've got 2 of;

    Marwari (teal and fuschia)
    Jungle Love (turquoise and pink - though it's a plisse)
    La Vie Du Grand Nord (cream and pink silk scarf plus the cream and blue cashmere shawl)

    Really hope they bring out Grand Nord again so I can get a few more in that design - it's my favourite!!:love:
  7. I too am obsessed with Tohu Bohu but only have it in the light blue colorway, would love to find it in bright orange. When I fall for scarf pattern I usually want to find it in all of the more vibrant colorways.

    At the present time the only scarf I have in multiple colorways is Selle D'Apparat Marocaine which I have in the rouge, khaki and black colorways.
    Here are a picture of two of the three I have.

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  8. I justify buying more than one of a particular design by buying different sizes. I have the Mosaique 24 in a 90 and a pochette, keys in a 90 and a shawl, etc. I think I only have one scarf in two colorways that are both 90s.
  9. To me, buying a scarf/shawl in different colorways is like finding a great shoe and purchasing it in every color possible.
  10. ^^ I like how you think, Sus!

    I too am a firm believer of buying multiple colourways if it's a design you love and the colours all work for you. I have quite a few multiples but the most is Projet Carres, in which I have 4. I would've bought them all but alas (or thankfully, lol!) those others didn't look that nice against my skin tone.
  11. LOL--I remember very well when a friend of mine mentioned how she had the same design in more than one colorway and I thought she was, well, a bit nuts. Well, that was many years ago and don't even want to admit to how scarf designs I own in multiple colorways. And then there are a few designs (Rencontre Oceane and Rocaille immediately spring to mind) that I own in multiple twill colorways, as well as in plisse, multiple GM mousseline, PM mousseline, twilly, and GM cashmere/silk. What can I say? When I like I design, I really go for it in a big way. Yep: I am truly nuts when it comes to Hermes.
  12. I don´t have them yet but I have a feeling I will be purchasing Jungle Love and Danse du cheval Marwari in many colours in the future.
  13. Ummm... slightly OT, but how about same design and same colorway in scarf and shawl? I'm the proud (mad!) owner of the bleu jean Cheval Sur Mon Carre scarf AND GM shawl.

    Kalliegirl, I believe you are similarly situated? :graucho:
  14. So true :tup:

    I have Projets carre in 2 different colourways and Bolduc au carre in 3.
  15. I have the Cheval a Caractère in the fuchsia and in the dark purple CW, the Bolduc au Carre in an olive green and a darkish blue CW. And I almost bought a green Les Parisiens to keep my red one company...