ONE red- search for 09C Red or wait for SS09 Fuschia?

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Which red?

  1. 09 Cruise Red!

  2. Act II Fuschia!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am treating myself after months of saving up and selling some of my older Chanels on ebay and have decided that it's time for a red jumbo caviar flap!

    Question is- do I get the current 09C red (with gold h/w if possible) that is out now or wait until the Act 2 Fuschias (with silver h/w) come out?

    I use my caviar jumbos a lot so whatever red I get must be OK for everyday use!

    What do you think ladies- settle for 09C red or wait until Fuschia comes out? :confused1:
  2. I prefer the colour and the more structured look of the cruise red.

    The seaming is different on both bags giving them very different looks.
  3. I had the cruise red. I never used it. I sold it. I just don't like the color of cruise red. It's not as bright as I want. I like the fushia color more. It seems to be the color I want. But I don't like it's not structured. When will Chanel come up with a perfect one?
  4. ^ ^ me too! i want a bright pinky red & so i have high hopes for the Fuschia :heart:

    all reds are gorgeous tho :P
  5. As much as I love red I love fuschia more, if I had to choose between the two the fuschia would be the one for sure!
  6. If fuchsia matches your everyday outfit, I would def. get that one. To me red would be easier to match, but if you have no problem with matching fuchsia, get that one, because that's just the prettiest color ever!!!
  7. I wuld go for the fuschia as i don't really fancy abt the 09 red jumbo~~
  8. My SA told me yesterday that Chanel is going to reissue the Red 09 Caviar and so I put my name first on the list! I say go for the Red!
  9. I have the red caviar jumbo with gold hw and adore it! I was going to get the fuchsia jumbo (love the color) UNTIL I saw the spring caviar IRL. I thought it was lambskin from a distance. I couldn't tell the difference until I felt the bag and saw the pebbled texture. I am not feeling the spring caviar at all. I need my jumbos firm and structured and the medium caviar flap that I saw was flaccid and floppy. It's so soft that I could probably ring the bag like a wet towel if I wanted to. It's even softer than the hybrid caviar flaps.
  10. Go girl! You listed for the red with gold, right? :heart:
  11. I would go for the red too. I really don't like the softer caviar/less structured shape I hear the fuschia is coming in.
  12. Hmm, well if the fuschia is as soft and floppy as everyone who saw it says it will be, I would not get it. I really dislike floppy, unstructured caviar bags, so that would be a deal breaker for me no matter how nice the color is. If I were you, I'd get the Cruise red, and once you have it, if you feel like you prefer the fuschia (after seeing it IRL), you can always sell/exchange the Cruise red for the fuschia. :smile: Good luck! :flowers:
  13. I dont like the softer caviar, and I think red is more versatile than fuchsia. for fun color like fuchsia that I think is pretty seasonal and not year long color, i personally will pick Balenciaga over Chanel :P I have 09 red caviar jumbo and I adore mine. i really like the caviar on this bag.
  14. sorry if the question has already been answered, so is the fuschia in the caviar goingto be released in the jumbo and large size? I prefer the color in the caviar as its more red then the lambskin as its more orange. Can some confirm this? When will it be released?