one of those bad shoe days...

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  1. AHH my feet hurt so much! I bought the cutest Marc Jacobs pumps yesterday and couldn't wait to wear them. Little sassy me decided to wear them to the first day of spring classes. I figured since its the first day I wouldn't walking around much... lo and behold I had to walk all over my hilly campus today running errands! To top it off now I just look dumb now b/c I have a little band-aid peeking out from the top of my pumps!

    On the upside they must look amazing b/c my feet are killing me right girls?:graucho:
  2. MJ pumps are always gorgeous but rarely comfortable ... I hope you wore them in today so they're more comfy in the future!!!
  3. I fell out of love with MJ shoes a long time ago, they always look wonderful but are always supremely uncomfortable