One of my staff members on break

  1. This is Eddy! Like all of my staff members, he hinders more than he helps. But, he is a handsome lad.

    Defiant Eddy1.jpg


    I did have all of my work neatly arranged, but Eddy didn't see fit to leave it so. Click on the photographs so you can see him better.
  2. Awwww, you made Caturdays! I love them! He is a very handsome fellow.
  3. so cute!
  4. Adorable!
  5. I have plenty of Caturday moments around here and Bunday, too. I should submit some of my pics, especially the ones in this thread. Now, if only I can get a picture of Phoebe laying on my keyboard...
    Unfortunately, I keep the camera in the desk drawer and whenever I enter the studio, she quickly gets up.
  6. Thanks for the pics, he's gorgeous!
  7. Thanks!
    My boy gets away with a lot because he knows how to work the cute factor. His brother Mao is no slouch in the cute department, either.
  8. Eddie is a handsome boy toy. He looks like he belongs on your design table.
  9. Adorable kitty!
  10. Such a little cutie!! I love these threads!
  11. Eddy does look right at home on my table. The problem with that is I can't do any designing or work with him "helping" me. He grabs at the fabric pieces as I move them, lays on what's not being worked and tries to play with the cutters, pins and other sharp objects.
    I do make sure the cutters are closed and the sharp, pointy things are either put away or covered when they are not in use. I have gotten myself in the habit of closing the guard to the rotary cutters as soon as I'm finished making a cut. Even if there are no cats in the room with me, which is more often than not.
  12. When I used to sew, I made sure I counted all needles, too. I get nervous about the threads. Don't you just love it when they 'help' you with everything?
  13. Absolutely! I very rarely use pins and make sure the needles and pins are well out of reach of kitty mouths. I have caught Mao (the yellow one) pulling pins out of my pin cushion. Thank God he did not swallow any! I guess the shiny metal shafts and glass heads were too much of a temptation for him. In the box it went as soon as I collected all the pins. Needles have their own special box. Of course I have to worry about a cat getting caught in the serger threads. Eddy did that once and could not extract himself easily and panicked. Thread was everywhere and the serger was too close to the edge of the table for my comfort. Fortunately, I had just walked into the room and saved both Eddy and serger.
  14. cute!
  15. Eddy, yer cute!! I wanna smooch you on the head.