One of my favorite things to do...

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  1. I just love making the "switch" to a new bag. It might be my second most favorite feeling. My first being the hunt, that feeling you have when you're walking through the outlet with an armful of bags, doing the math in your head, overdosing on the smell of the leather.

    But the switch, it's just so much fun. Sliding your credit cards and license into the wallet.. sliding your cellphone into the slot. Slinging it over your shoulder when it's full of your stuff.

    I just love it.

    What's your favorite part of the conquest?
  2. Finding a bag that says take me home!!!! It has to be a Special bag for me to fall in love...I'm pretty picky....It's not the amount of bags that counts for me, it's will I use This bag for along time..So no need to run out next week to buy another....I guess you could say I'm more of an Accessory & Fob girl !!!!:P
  3. I know what you mean, I am extremely picky and have a hard time finding "the one". I usually pace the store for an hour carrying bags. The SA's are usually like "WTF?" haha. That's why I call it the hunt hahaha.
  4. I guess my favorite is finding the matching accessories and seeing my little Coach family come together.
  5. my fav part is pulling the papers out, and tagging the tag off, officially claiming it mine!
  6. I think it's paying for it...there is a certain feeling of satisfaction when it officially becomes yours.

    I could spend hours looking online, and drooling...but knowing it's mine, well thats a feeling beyond compare. I actually like leaving the tags on for a while and looking at it in all it's glory...
  7. I love switching out my bags too ... getting out all my bags and thinking what i wanna carry right now, what accessories I wanna use ... sometimes the combinations surprise me how well they work out.

    Switching outta a bag and into another is close to the excitement of getting a new bag ... at least for me. I was thinking about doing it tonight actually but it's still snowing here so I think patent is here to stay for awhile
  8. You are so not alone...It takes me at least an hour...Hey, if we are going to pay Good $ for a bag, we should be able to stay as long as we want,lol....:P
  9. Great Thread -

    I was just thinking about this..

    I change my bags every Sunday and the act of doing this is so cool and relaxing to me..
    It feels like I am getting ready for the week..

    I change very thing from bag, to wallet,wristlet, skinny and even the Fobs and Scarfs..
    When I am done I am so satisfied... I really enjoy it.

  10. I do the samething!!!!!!!! but I just take my insert out of my current bag and put in the bag that I like to make sure the insert fits - I always go and use one of the pull out tables and try out all the bags - ppl look at me like I have three heads
  11. Lately I have to say my favorite part is right when my daughter comes home from college for her monthly weekend visit and I've carefully laid out all of my latest "finds" from the outlet for her to see. (and of course she then claims a few as her own! LOL!) The way she just runs to the display, and her excitement when the "perfect" item for her is there, are so priceless to me and even more exciting than when I first find them myself at the outlet.

  12. That's me too!!!!:yahoo:
  13. My favorite is the anticipation of the arrival of the bag!!!!
  14. i agree with all of you, i thought i was the only one who does this hahahah :P
  15. My favorite part is the excitement of finding the parcel on the doorstep..